Job Rotation, Day 5

Today we had a big Infrastructure monthly meeting which I was invited along to. I was warned that the meeting would be in Finnish, but the supporting slides were in English. Everyone was also very good at asking questions and then translating them into English for me with the answer. I also did a bit of a presentation about Job Rotation in Practice, I gave a quick overview of what decisions I had to make along the way and how it all started etc. It was good to introduce myself to everyone at one go, and hopefully it’ll give people the opportunity for people to come and talk to me while I am in Tornio.

I also had a tour around the cold roll mill… It is not an area of my expertise so the details will be kept to a minimum. We got to see the different lines which are used in the process, and also a lot of automation which really interested me… There were a lot of automated trucks driving around without a driver, knowing where they were going and what they were carrying (well, maybe not what they were carrying, but where they were going). There were also a few automated cranes, fetching and carrying coils around the mill, packing them for our customers with the most delicate touch. We also got to see the Automatic Storage and Retrieval system which can store loads of flat products and collect them when they are requested by the logistics department and place them straight onto the back of a lorry ready for dispatch, without needing anyone to control it.

I also managed to get myself down the shopping centre to get some food, I filled my backpack and had a plastic bag full of food too - just the essentials, but 3 gurkins cause I couldn’t resist… I have been looking forward to buying them for 4 days now, sold separately and you pick your own. Yummy.

It’ll be my first weekend in Tornio this weekend, Raimo (the IT Manager) called me to make sure I’ll be OK and to contact him if I had any issues which was good to know I had someone to look out for me. I have got a plan of going over the to the Swedish side of the border and check out what shops they have there, I know they have an Ikea (cause you can’t miss it), so I might have to get my meatball fix from there, I have heard it’s quite cheap too. I have also got some other tips to fill my weekend, but I think I’ll save those for the next weekend, don’t want to do everything in one weekend and be bored for the next 6 weeks!

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