Job Rotation, Day 20

Day 20 over and done with… It’s been a rubbish day because everything seems to have gone so quickly and didn’t have time to think!! I have been working with Office 2010, but I am having problems trying to deploy it in SCCM, I have spent most of the day installing it in various different ways, and then the other bit of my day spent on the phone to Microsoft to try and work out why their installer is pants. Ah well… It’s the WEEKEND!!!

This weekend I am going to Rovaniemi with Ilpo and his son. They are going to meet Ilpo’s wife who has some sort of conference up there, so we’re going to see Santa and the Arctic Circle…! I can’t wait; it’ll be about 1.5 to 2 hours’ drive to get there, so I get to see a bit of Finland too! I’ll try to get as many photos of as Rovaniemi as I can, and maybe some pictures of me on Santa’s lap.

Today I have had a fight with the washing machine… I have been hand washing stuff I needed so far because the washing machine scares me… Plus I know if I learn how to use it, I will be expected to use it when I get home, and I don’t like that thought… Anyway, I was running out of clothes, so I had to give it a go. It turns out I am not made for a domestic life; my first attempt was very poor! I left the machine to finish and was very proud of myself to have got so far, but it turns out that when it finishes, there is more stuff to do!!! I couldn’t even get into the machine, so in my frustration I rebooted it (I know, I am a geek, get over it), anyway, that didn’t help, it wanted to start again! So I let it. Second time around, I waited and allowed it to drain (after putting a panicked message on Facebook and getting some help from some experts). Managed to get my clothes out in the end, and took them down to the drying room; job done :-)

On Sunday I am flying to Helsinki, then onto Stockholm. I am then getting the train to Avesta - I CAN’T WAIT! I know a lot of people in the IT Infrastructure team and have talked to them on works chat client or Facebook, but have never met them face to face. There is also some new stuff to learn while I am there, more SCCM knowledge to fill my head, so I am excited to do that too… Oh yeah, and I’ll be staying in a hotel getting my food cooked for me :-) even if it is just the Star hotel, it’s nice to be away from the apartment for a few days. I’ll miss Tornio for the week, I have got into my rhythm and I have a lot of travelling to do over the next few days, I can’t wait until my head hits the pillow in the hotel and I can chill out.

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