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Deploying my blog to Cloudflare

I noticed it’s possible to deploy a page to Cloudflare. I thought I should give it a go and deploy this website to Cloudflare to act as another point of access (if for example in the unlikely event my github pages site became unavailable and I was in deperate need to read something here… Ha.)

I linked cloudflare to my Github account, it asked for permission to a repo, which I have it access to the one this is hosted from.

cloudflare-screenshot Cloudflare Screenshot

I’ve then created a webhook inside Cloudflare

Pages -> Project -> Settings -> Build & Deployments -> Deployment Hooks

cloudflare-hook Cloudflare Hook Screenshot

Then finally I went into Github and created a webhook under the repo when the page_build action happens.

github-hook Github Hook Screenshot

It now appears my website is also available on Cloudflare’s network


It’s totally pointless. But it’s good to know!

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