Job Rotation, Day 18

Had a pretty good weekend but I didn’t do much since I had a bit of a hangover from the leaving do I went to on the Friday night… On Sunday it was raining, so I made it down to the supermarket to get some essentials, but I didn’t make it over to the Swedish side like I keep saying I will… I will go while I am still up here!!

We have had a few successes at work, Office 2010 has been tested with language packs and it seems to work pretty well, I have created a few more packages in SCCM and Tornio are now deploying most packages to their many computers on a daily basis. In fact, today we deployed the Adobe Flash update to over 300 computers in one sitting; SCCM rules.

Today’s lunch was amazing; I had a steak with chips (and veg). It was so tasty, by far the best meal I have had so far. It was cooked very well, and the chips were lovely… The first I have had in 3 weeks! For pudding we had something that was translated into English as Chocolate Fool… The link to the menu is here: the meals are down the right hand side… I can now plan how much bread to pocket if there is nothing I like on the menu ;-)

I am looking forward to my Avesta trip a lot… A lot of people I talk to on Facebook or on the internal chat program, but it’ll be good to meet them face-to-face.

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