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Job Rotation, Day 3

Today I went to the ferro chrome mill, which is the next process on from Kemi Mine. A good statistic to know is that they use the same amount of power that 3 homes use in a year… Just in 2.5 hours of operation! We were show the pelletising and the liquid ferro chrome, and the process which is made to manufacture them. It involved a lot of machinery and a lot of power…

I was impressed how clean and tidy the mill and the control rooms were, they also have a really good ‘Level 2’ system, which allows them to see the whole mill from one place: temperatures, speeds and that kind of thing.

I also got to meet the Manager Application manager for Tornio Works, I found that they have exactly the same issues that we had in Sheffield when we went through the merging of Applications and Infrastructure… They also used many of the processes of “group IT”, which I think will make merging them a lot easier, as for the last 2 years, the Apps Manager has been working very closely with the Infra manager… I was very impressed with the organisation, and I have a few good things to take back to Sheffield with me to share with my Sheffield Team…

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