Job Rotation, The Last Entry :-(

20/09/2010 06:37

My rotation is over, after 7 weeks of being away from home I am finally back home.

I did a full day of work on Friday which was my last day, it went really quickly but I still had a lot to do, I also talked to the Tornio IT managers about the work I had done and the work still left to do, I also highlighted things that they could continue with without me know I had passed on knowledge to their teams. I had a hard decision about what to eat for lunch, there was 3 things on the menu and couldn’t decide, so the day before I had put the decision out to some friends and it their feedback was split 50/50… On the day however, the Pork, veg and potato wedges looked too nice to avoid so I went for that. I had some things still left to show people and then started packing away and saying my good byes. Eero (one of the section managers) offered to drive me back to my apartment which was nice, so I didn’t have to go the long route home on the bus!

I got home and started packing my bags, I was worried it wouldn’t all fit, and even more worried I would forget something. It took a few hours to finish off - mainly because I was getting bored and watching TV a lot, however it all fitted and it gave me a chance to do about 20 checks of the place to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind and to clear our my cupboards. It took ages to get off to sleep knowing that I had to be awake for 04:00 in the morning to get the taxi.

The taxi came on Saturday morning at about 04:30 and took me to the airport. I checked in and as I was walking away, I realised I managed to get my 32kg bag onto the plane without having to pay any excess - where I was only allowed 20kg…! SCORE! The flight was ok on the way to Helsinki and then also on the way to Manchester it was uneventful. The taxi took an hour or so to get me back into Sheffield and I could finally see my girlfriend after 7 long weeks.

We spent the weekend doing nothing, we have washed some of my clothes and also did a little shopping for nice food. Amie prepared me a full English for lunch which I wolfed down, and we had a lovely meal with my parents on Sunday night…

So, I’m home! This will no doubt be the last blog entry for a while - so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who have followed it, I hope it has been interesting reading about my time away, but mostly it has been a nice thing to do to keep me sane!

Cheers for now!


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