Job Rotation, Day 6

Well, today was just a normal day at work… I am doing loads of project work and trying to keep on top of that, as well as juggle other projects which are still going on in Sheffield while I am away…

I met with the guy I will be working with a lot while I am over here, to make sure that SCCM is ready for Tornio, and try to get our largest production unit using the tool on a more day-to-day basis… Lots of questions, both ways, but I think it’s going to be very positive.

In the apartment today, Raimo took me down to the ground floor where the Sauna and Swimming Pool is… I get them for 1 hour a week, Wednesdays from 19.30 to 20.30. The sauna is designed for 2 people and the simming pool is about 15-20 meters long, and about 5 meters wide… But it’ll be a good help to me getting fitter :-)

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