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Job Rotation, Day 25

My last weekend in Tornio is coming up… I’ve been here for 5 weeks (and 1 week in Sweden) and my final week of job rotation is approaching. I have still got a fair few tasks to complete, but most of them are already in progress and just need finishing off or me handing over. I always thought that 6 weeks would be quite wimpy, but it’s just about the right amount of time away - I am now starting to miss home and my home comforts. This weekend I plan to go to the Swedish side, I have said I would go for ages now, and tomorrow/Sunday is the day. I will try to get some snaps, but I think I am mainly looking forward to the meatballs in IKEA. I also have a few things I want to work on while I am here - I have been asked to write a few words for the internal intranet - so those of you who are reading this at Kumpu; keep your eye peeled.

I have also been asked to think about the things I have achieved, learned, could hand over etc, so I might do that this weekend too. I also need to talk about it when I get back to the UK, so it would be good to have thought about it while I am still here - because I know when I get to work, my placement will be like coming back from holiday; you won’t even think you have been away…

The things I know I have achieved are helping Tornio IT understand SCCM and explain that it isn’t a box of magic - I think when people understand what is going on in the background, it’s not so scary and you can trust it more. I have also managed to work with a company to get Operating System Deployment in SCCM working. This means that we can have 1 installation of a computer for the whole company - standardisation is something I have always driving for and this is the best way of doing it in the desktop world - so I am very excited to see it go live.

I have enjoyed being here, I think it’s mainly the people I have met which have made the rotation a good experience for me; everyone is so friendly and made me feel very welcome in their country and work place… I have been included in a lot of work related and none work related activities, and that has made my time here really enjoyable.

I fly back to the UK on Saturday 18th (I felt I had to put a full day in), I don’t mind travelling in my own time because I won’t feel rushed and pressured if flights are delayed and I need to be in the right place at the right time. I will be back in work on Monday - however will be flying straight back out to Stockholm for a day or two to talk more about SCCM… I don’t mind however I think Amie does; but computing is my job and also my hobby, plus I like travelling now since I have done a lot of it while I have been here :-)

(oh yeah, I took this on the way to work - this is why I love steel making, this is supposed to be on fire)

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