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Job Rotation, Day 11

So… Week number 3 is here… At the end of this week I will have completed the first 50% of my rotation, I think I’ll wait until Friday until I give it a summary…

Woke up this morning to a pretty cold Tornio, however the sun was out and shining it’s heart out, so it didn’t take long to heat up. Have had a normal day at work, just working on some presentations and making some packages in SCCM. Have not got to the more complex programs like Oracle client… So spent most of the day trying to google the answer from people who have done it before, and then testing to make sure that it works when I say it’s ready… My first few attempts have failed so I think I will have to get some DBA’s help on it.

Been to the supermarket to get some snacks and beers - the first time I have done that in 2 weeks, which I am pretty pleased about… Didn’t go too mad, but have got some nice beers and chocalate.

Found out Amie has just bought an iPhone 4, pretty jelous, maybe I will have to get one too now just so that I am not lagging behind in technology… I assume I will get a few “support calls”… Thinking I will have to charge her my usual hourly rate for IT Support…

Ooooooo, laptop is finally working again. I have uploaded some photos of the car show Terho took me to on Saturday…


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