Job Rotation, Day 10

I had a good day at work again today, another session of SCCM training/discussion with the Tornio guys. I was showing some of the reports I had made to them, which will hopefully help out with software deployment and updating… Also managed to get a tricky piece of software to automatically deploy thru SCCM…

Apart from that it was business as usual. I managed to speak to my friend who is doing the same rotation but into head office HR, and she is going home today after being in Finland for 1 week - pretty jealous that it is so easy to get home from there… It’s 2 flights for me and only 1 from Helsinki.

Weekend number 2 is almost upon me, I keep saying I will go to Haparanda (over the Swedish/Finnish border), but I can never be bothered to walk that far… I might have to find out how to get a bike on loan. I might walk over there on Sunday when I have done all the worky type stuff I want to get done, pop into the Ikea for some lovely Swedish meatballs…. Mmmmmmm, meatballs! Will also have to pop to the shops to get some more food, I seem to buy the wrong stuff and it doesn’t last… I am glad I don’t do the shopping when I am in the UK ;-)

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